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Afon Mel Meadery Yggdrasil Mead 11.5%

Afon Mel Meadery Yggdrasil Mead 11.5%

Afon Mel

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"Seeking the mystic knowledge and power of the Runes, the great God Odin sacrificed himself to himself and fell upon his own spear, Gungnir and hung himself from the great tree Yggdrasil. Pierced through, refusing all food, drink and succour, the All-father hung for nine nights, peering into the depths of Urd's well and beseeched the Runes. On the ninth day of Odin's ordeal, the Runes slowly revealed themselves in the murky depths of the mystic pool. The stricken God howled in victory, released himself from the great tree and fell to Asgard, triumphant." - from The Poetic Edda.

Brewed with 100% organic Brazilian forest honey and aged for two years prior to blending and bottling.

A sweet, friendly, and easy-drinking mead with notes of ripe tropical fruits and a bright zesty finish. Gentle and accessible with no shortage of complexity, perfect for mead lovers across all the nine realms.

No sugar, no grape must, no gluten, no additives, just top quality honey.

70cl Bottle

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